Thursday, September 3

All Day Breakfast with Early Bird

Friends know that my husband and I love to eat out. I guess it is a giveaway because when we were still living in Dubai, I would always post our eat out in Instagram and hubby will always check-in via Facebook.

So when we have finally set foot here in the Philippines for good, friends and family have been giving us names of restaurants that we should try and Early Bird Breakfast Club always comes up. I have also seen it in my Instagram feed and I have to say their food presentation is A-class.

Hubby and I decided to give it a try and headed down to their restaurant.

I am inlove with their Italian Almond Tea. I think I will be consuming more of this and switching my cafe lattes for this drink. Their Grilled Cheese with Tomato Soup was divine.

Of course, Instagram worthy foods need to be delicious or else they will only look sumptuous in pictures. I can guarantee you that the Early Bird menu is good that I want to try out different meals until I eat them all!

I actually have to thank OpenSnap for all those drool-worthy pictures I saw that I had to waste no time and ask the hubby to get the car for us to look and try out this restaurant!

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