Wednesday, September 23

Slow Machine

means no blog post from me.

I have tried to make do with the slowness of my laptop but it has taken its toll on my writing. I find it difficult to write about my thoughts or blog about something when it actually takes about three to four minutes before the actually words will appear on the screen.

I have mastered the art of "typing ahead" (meaning I type even if I don't see if my spelling is right or not. I end up doing my proofreading later on when I have all the thoughts typed up). Doing this also means, I wait for the words to appear and then if I want to change or alter a phrase, I have to wait for a few minutes for it to be done.

Not only that attaching photos or posting links are becoming a pain too that at times I end up not posting photos because it takes a helluva time before it gets uploaded.

I am not sure if this is the laptop or the internet or a ghost playing around my device that is causing havoc to me, wanting to write about what's in my head.

So, now you know why I am not writing that often these days (and you thought it was the weather!! Wrong! :p)... Hopefully with the release of the new software next week, my problems will be solved but for now, I am negotiating for this laptop to stay well so that I can post this!

If this gets posted, it means we have made a deal (for now).