Friday, October 16

Back to Blogging (I Hope)

Remember when I wrote about this a few weeks ago?

Well, aside from the fact that we were out of connection for four days (good thing SkyBroadband assured me that I will get an adjustment kundi major rant ito :p) due to some maintenance issues, I was only able to download and update my Operating System.

After all the tinkering and playing around, I can safely say that it seems to be working its magic on this laptop but I also had to remove some files in my computer because it might be "feeling heavy" (like a Facebook feeling noh?!) from all those photos that I have stored over the years.

So, we are still on that 'honeymoon' stage but we seem to be getting along well. I am just so happy that I get to read what I type rather than wait for it to appear. It feels good :)

Though I got a quick question, where do you usually store your photos? Is it on a hard drive or do you do half-half like store the recent ones in your laptop's hard drive and then the 'younger' days are left to rot in your external drive LOL!

Hope I can see some comments about this to guide me or at least give me suggestions on what needs to be done because I am still contemplating on investing / buying a new external drive (I currently have the following: 2 1TB drives that houses my TV series and movies and 1 500GB that has my books, magazines and other stuff that I have yet to delete / read, etc).

See you in the next few weeks because I will definitely be bugging the online world again.