Friday, January 22

When I was Offline...

I don't know if you have been dropping by my blog often that you have seen me complain about the lappy for a few times (should I give it a name so it does not sound too general... teehee). At times, it becomes difficult to be separated from the blog (naks!) however because of my ordeal, I had to part ways with it for a while.

So instead of letting my mind be idle, I busied it (and my hands too) by learning how to bake! :) Ever since, I always wanted to bake. I like the smell of chocolate being cooked in the oven or the sweet aroma of banana... *sigh*

I really have started a love affair with my baking pans and is also slowly becoming best friends with my measuring cups and spoons. R is not jealous of course because he is usually the first person to taste of my concoctions (unsure though if he really likes it but from time to time, he would request for my cupcakes!).

How I wish I can show you all my finished products but I am still trying to find the perfect photo sharing site for me to use (now this will be on a different post).

This makes me excited to bake another batch of cupcakes or cookies! :P