Monday, January 25

How Trusting are You?

This question is actually posed to people who use online shopping sites to buy stuff that they want at a discounted price or getting deals to try out restaurants or hotels.

To be quite honest, I have been an avid supporter of websites that offer discounted deals like Groupon when we were still in the UAE. I would buy deals and surprise R with a sumptuous meal or at times, a blah meal.

Now that we have moved back to the mother country, I thought why not give these websites a try here. I am now subscribed to Deal Grocer, MetroDeal, CashCashPinoy and more (I just cannot let a good deal pass...).

Bright Lights in the Resto

We have dined at Greeka Kouzina from the Metrodeal website that I got and it was a great experience.
Satisfied customers
However some of my friends were not that 'lucky'. A friend of mine said that after paying off for the deal, they got the voucher a month after (this is frustrating especially since he is an OFW and usually when you see something, you want to get it. Now). Others say that there were undisclosed costs that they have to pay which was not mentioned in the deal (this I am unsure if it's the fault of the merchant or the website itself).

For shopping websites, I have only tried Lazada and they seem to be okay in terms of the product they sell and the delivery (though I had a not-so-good experience with the item we have delivered over the holiday season... worth another blog post).

With all these websites, I only get to buy stuff that are less Php 1,000 because at least in case something happens, I won't feel that bad (but of course, Php 1,000 is still big but you know you can recover from the loss :p).

What about you? What have you tried?