Wednesday, March 9

NSO Helpline - a fast and reliable service!

First off, I just want to let you know that this is not a sponsored post. I just wanted to write about it because I am so pleased with their service. 

If you have been a reader of my blog, you know that I still use my maiden name. I will not bore you of the details why but you can read it here. I know I needed to do something about this (R to be quite honest, is not offended in any way because he also likes how unique my last name sound). I was meant to do it last year since it was part of my "to-do" list then (Hmmm, makes me wonder where I have kept that list - probably buried somewhere if it was written in pair or deleted just like the rest of my files - boo!).

However, I was not able to do it because a lot of things took place that it got sidetracked. I told myself that it has to be this year because I plan to at least book a travel vacation for R and myself (a well-deserved vacation, believe me). Also a good opportunity because R's passport is already expired and needs to be renewed.

I checked online and was about to go through NSO's website and make the necessary payments but I came across this blog post of frustrated billionaire about getting his birth certificate. We have our passport renewal application soon and because of the upcoming Holy Week holidays, I thought we might incur a problem.

Reading through his post, he offered different options on how you can get a faster response and I found it in NSO Helpline. I checked the FAQs and they also process marriage certificate requests. Since I prefer using my online payment, I was a bit disappointed that they do not have any tie ups with my bank. Though they do have an option to make you pay using your credit or debit card as long as it has the Master or Visa card logo. Other payment options were also discussed like the Bancnet ATM payment and lastly, the over-the-counter payment.

Grabbed from their website

I did the latter since it will not be deducted from my account, I am confident that seeing someone do the transaction for me makes a difference! :)

They have a page where in you can check the status of your request

After that, we went home (but of course since we were out already, we also had a quick but meaningful stroll) and I checked the status online. To be honest, I was not that confident that it will be updated but I was wrong.

And today? We got it! *dancing around to Dawin's Dessert* ----> just kidding!

Though when I opened the package, I saw that I was only charged Php 140 for my request. I paid Php 350 over-the-counter. I guess the remaining pesos that was not mentioned on the receipt is their charge covering processing and delivery.

It was fast and reliable! In any case, I would recommend their services to you, my readers. :)