Friday, June 7


I have been married since 2007 so that makes it 6 years this coming November.

Till this day, I still use my maiden name in the office and in most of my identification cards. I did attempt to change my last name on my passport but the hassle of changing visas (which can take up to 6 months!!) is something I am not prepared to do.

So every time I fill in forms, I still use my last name. I did ask my husband about his opinion about it and he does not mind. R even joked that maybe he can have my last name because of it being unique! :P

Mr. and Mrs. Alarcon 

I was browsing through blogs and chance upon Patty's. She has announced her new email address.

That made me think.

I have 3 email addresses (Yahoo, Hotmail and Gmail). I have been contemplating whether to close down some of my accounts (in particular my Yahoo account).

So I guess the whole idea of this blog post is ---

Should I sign up for a new email account with my kind of new last name?