Sunday, March 20

Update: 52 week challenge

So, it was during this month last year when I have made a decision to take up the 52 week challenge (see my post here).

I initially thought it was easy but....*drum rolls please* I failed. Initially I was diligent in putting money in the pouch where I have kept the monies. However, I have noticed that I am getting delayed in remitting my challenge and would at times, do a one month deposit so as not to miss out.

I guess the inevitable happened, I was not able to deposit anything at all :(

It made me think of how I manage our finances and made some alterations to also accommodate this challenge but still all plans went in vain :(

In the end, I was not able to continue with the 52 week challenge. I think I was only able to save up a few thousand pesos which I was slowly using to pay off our snacks when we go out or some of the groceries, etc.

Now, I am determined to do the 52 week challenge again. I am still thinking if I should retain what I have decided as a contribution. I will re-start on the month of April.

I realised this exercise is like keeping your New Year's resolutions. You are so psyched to start and then determined to keep your resolution only to realise at the end that you have completely forgotten about it.

Let's do this 52 week challenge! :)