Sunday, March 1

My Take of the 52 Week Challenge

It's close to two months now that I have started the 52 week challenge. I read it first in Frugal Honey's blog post. Intrigued of what it is, I also looked deeper and found her first blogpost about the challenge.

I said to myself, I think we can do this. Since it's 52 weeks, the end of the challenge will be seen next year only. I don't mind because from what I gather this is how investments should be and besides, it has this sense of excitement thinking what to purchase with the saving.

Oh crap! Actually, that should not be the goal though if you find it hard to save up for couple trips then this can be used.

Since this is someting new to me, I have decided to start small (something that I know can be believable). By next year, we would be able to think of what to do with the money. It's not that big actually but I think it will be enough to cover for airfare and a few days of accommodation in one of the tourist place in the Philippines.

Jill mentioned about sometimes forgetting to deposit on her jar so what I did - I created an alert in my phone to remind me that I need to put in a certain amount onto the challenge. So far so good, the alert has not failed me yet.

In case I would be completing this for 52 weeks, I intend to increase the amount and see (fingers crossed).

However, if I do get the opportunity to spend the pot money, these are the things that I might want to do with it.

Beach getaway with R
From the time we have arrived here in Manila, R barely had time to go out on our own. To be honest, I don't mind. I know being out of the country with only limited time to get to spend with your loved ones is something we have to deal with everytime we go for our annual vacation.

Now with no timetable to follow, we get to chill and have a real conversation with our families. I mean, do you notice when you are with an OFW, you choose what you say? You always weigh what information you share with them, why? Because you don't want them to worry.

Taken from our 2012 Trip to Boracay

I was thinking if we should go back to Boracay or go to another beach place like Montemar in Bataan. I want to be in the beach where it's not that busy. 

Stuff for the car 
One of our first purchases when we got home was to get ourselves a car. When we were in Dubai, we would always search for what is the suitable car for us. It's an AUV which is suitable for our future business needs. We thought since the car is kind of a huge investment we can start it off now so that it does not get us off-balance when we do set up a business. Besides, it is convenient riding a car even if there's traffic like almost anywhere!

Additional budget for the renovation 
And for the nth time, we have again (and I stressed that word again) had the house renovated because of the termites that have been creeping out of the house. I guess living in an old house, it happens. This entry altogether deserves another blog post (believe me)

These are my Top 3 things to do with the 52 week challenge.

How about you? What are you saving for? :)