Tuesday, June 18


My family would always tell me before that I seem to have learned the value of money very early on in life.

They could be right!?!

I remember saving up my allowance in college and would bring my own baon (snack) so that I can either buy my books or notebooks.

 When I went to work, my salary is kept in a stainless piggy bank where no one knows (and to be honest, I sometimes forget where I've put it myself!) and save what was left of my previous salary.

My family, knowing I have saved some pesos would ask me to lend them this much or that much. I was very strict. As long as they pay on time, they can lend money from me again but if they failed, no lending of money for two months! :P

I don't know why but I always try to get deals or avail vouchers on websites that I see... Sometimes, I'd join contests online to win freebies. When these deals like Cobone or Groupon launched themselves about two to three years ago, I was sooo happy I think I noticed one or two tears fell because finally, I get to have something I want at a much cheaper price! How is that for a bargain!!! :)

Slowly, I realise some bargains are not that healthy. I had this mantra of being stingy on clothes, accessories, etc... this I learned the hard way.

Bought stuff I don't need... and the main reason I bought it was because it was cheap... that's all.

Now, when it comes to clothes and other stuff that you intend to use for a long time, I go for the reliable brand.

Cheap treats are still not that bad... but I guess you just need to choose where to be stingy and where not to be.

(from http://nostingyact.com/blog)