Monday, June 17

Me and My Dad

I am a certified Daddy's girl... and I think I still am! :)

When I was a little girl, my dad is everything to me. I always want to be next to him, when we walk, we eat, we shop and I think almost everything! I always wanted to hold my dad's hand. It's as if his hand was my sense of security that time.

When I was about 6 to 8 years old, Sundays are the best! My parents will always take us to the mall and let us stroll. I was never fond of going to the arcade (like what kids do these days) and tell my parents that I'd just meet them when they get tired.

I was always with them. I always want to see when they laugh about something, criticise a passerby or just discuss about us, their children.

As I grew older, my dad and I would still be together but our "going out sessions" were lessened. We had to tightened up our budget because I was up for college and my brother was already a graduating high school student.

Instead of going out, we'd spend our weekends glued in front of the TV, watching cable. At times, I do my siesta and he will still be beside me when I wake up, with merienda (or snacks)! During the days when I have to cram for an exam or finish a project and needed a lift home. My dad would patiently wait for my call or text to let him know that I am ready to go. No hassle of always asking, "where are you?"... "are you about to be finished?"... Instead he would patiently wait for me (isn't he the sweetest?).

Though I had 'special friends', my time with my dad is something I cannot trade.

It was non-negotiable.

My dad was always with me... When I had to get my passport to come to Dubai, he helped me processed my college credentials to take to Dubai with me, he and my mom would always pick me up from work most especially if they have heard on the radio that floods starting near my work place. He would always check up on me, my school, if I still have allowance, etc.

There's a long list of things that my dad and I loved doing.

I will never forget those moments... and even if we had a bit of a struggle for the past few years, I still see my dad as what he was to me before.

My sense of security.

So... to my Daddy and the other fathers out there, here's to all of you for being our pillar of strength and just being there.

Happy Father's Day! 

I love you Daddy... always...