Tuesday, July 30

Ramadan Stress and De-stress

The holy month of Ramadan started on the 10th of July.

It is during this month wherein we (meaning everybody who is working) gets to work for shorter hours -  6 hours to be exact. Though to be honest, some do stay longer in the office (an unspoken rule for senior management and some instructed by their bosses to stay) while others, they leave the office to continue working at home.

The timings are actually welcomed by everybody but the pressure - not. Since people work on shifts or some their regular working hours, we get requests and queries even if we are not in the office.

Every morning, I think we would see about 10-20 unread emails waiting to be answered. All about follow-ups, new requests and more follow ups!

Now, I understand the phrase,
so little time so much to do... 
And because of the timings and whatnot, it makes me want to read more of my e-books (through my Amazon Kindle) after an exhausting day so that it can take me to a different place, time and sometimes, era. I was able to finish a book (yey!) and am reading the second one.

Unfortunately, we are already on the third week and this will soon be over. Back to normal timings. Sweet.

Ramadan Kareem