Saturday, January 17

Goals and Planners

Apologies for my doodle, this is the best that I can do

Have you set your goals for the year? You still have time because technically, January is still not over. We have only reach the middle of the month so you still have plenty of time to lay them out.

For the past 2 to 3 years now, I have been writing up my goals for the coming year and at the same time, look over the goals that I have set for the past year. I have stopped writing resolutions since I started my goal-writing because I prefer to have a more positive outlook on what the year will be rather than sulking that I was not able to be true to my resolutions because I immediately failed (yes, at times, I fail on the second day! Yeah that bad!).

Looking back at my faith goals (yes, I have associated it with how our congregation calls it) for 2014, I have to say that most of my goals were achieved. Of course, there were still some that are not so I have carefully placed them in my faith goals for this 2015.

I feel like this year is centered to nurturing relationships between families and friends. In fact, I have made a goal to rekindle my relationship with friends and family members that I have lost touched over the years (being away from home does that to you though I have to say, it has also made me connect with some people who I never thought I will be connecting at all). I hope to be succesful in this goal.


Apart from that, I thought of getting myself a planner. Yes, an actual planner to make me write stuff - ideas and other things. I was already in National Bookstore the other day and was in a lookout for an affordable planner armed with the plan that I have in my head. However, R stopped me and challenged me when he asked if I am going to use it.

I had to stop and answer that question - am I really going to use it? My sister has been gifting me with the sought after planners only for it to gather dust in our pile of stuff. Now that we need to be more mindful about our money, I know R has a point.

To be honest, I am glued to my phone most of the time. I list out our groceries there, set reminders for stuff that I have been monitoring, chat with my family, check my emails and more. At times, I also write my thoughts in my Evernote app.

I guess R is right so I've put down the planner that I have been eyeing. I am thinking if I can create my own or like what R suggested, maybe I can use last year's planner and just update it with the right year and day (hahahah! Talk about being stingy!!)


What about you? Have you set any goals for this year?