Friday, January 16

Was I Busy?

Yes, I was and still is.

I feel bad that I have neglected my blog because I have been a bit busy online and offline. Well, to start off the festivities really was like a bug. People have been trooping to the mall to buy groceries for the upcoming noche buena and media noche. Apart from that, we had to brave the crazy, crazy traffic to do some errands.

In the end, I had to park my blogging skills a bit and enjoy the season.

Now, that it's over and almost everything is back to normal, I am hoping that I can also go back to blogging about stuff.

I still have a long list of things to do and errands to attend to but with R sleeping at this time, I am having a bit of "me" time and decided to just say HI to my readers, if there is any. This is also to let you know that the author of this blog is now back from her hiatus and will be giving you post after post of things that have been happening around her and in their life (well, not all hahahah!).


2015. A fresh year to start anew. I have listed out the things that I have been thankful for 2014 and what I expect to accomplish and take place for 2015. According to our pastor in church, Pastor Joshua Galaraga, this 2015, we should go forward and expect more because greater things are about to happen.

I claim that declaration because I know that new beginnings will happen this year.


Are you also ready to declare 2015 as your year?


Sorry for the bursts of thoughts, it is just that I am so excited writing my first blog post for the year that everything is beginning to be like a blabber. Don't worry, I know I will be able to explain more about this in the coming days.


Till my next blog post!