Wednesday, January 28

What others are telling or asking us...

Are you trying out for another country? 
We are actually not. I may have blurted out a few times if we should go back to Dubai (especially when R gets his asthma attacks or when he is suffering from his allergies) however the decision to stay is really mutual.

So, what's the plan?
Actually, we don't know yet because we play it by ear. At the moment, we have contacted a few spaces that are for rent but it's either too step or it's already taken. I feel our progress is slow but I guess that is how it is especially since you are investing your hard-earned money. It is not something you can just say,"Nah I am pretty sure I can get that back".

So, what are you both doing?
I am trying to source some online stints while we search for our business. R on the other hand, busies himself by being my Mr. Handyman when I want things done in the house. That is another thing, I just realised that even if you stay in the house, you will definitely be busy... how? by arranging and re-arranging our stuff... or having to repair stuff in the house like plumbing, electrical, minor carpentry, etc. It is not the same in Dubai wherein you call the maintenance company of your building to make the necessary repairs.

I think I have covered the three basic questions we hear from time to time. I know our friends are not reading my blog but I am not sure if the questions came about because they are worried about us. At times, I am worried about us too. However, I choose to believe in my husband's fearless forecast of what business fits us... of course with prayers.

Why did I blogged about it? Because I also need a release from these questions. It, at times, causes me to panic but hopefully, the business opportunity will come very soon.