Monday, April 13

Feeling the Heat!

Summer is really here!!!

I can feel it heck I have been sweating like crazy. I mean we have already turned on the AC at night and I still sweat (what is wrong with me?!).

After x years of being out of the Philippines, this will be my second time to experience what summer is really like here because of global warming and all. I remember a friend of mine has warned me that I will constantly be in the mall so that we get to experience the free AC. Thankfully, we have not resorted to that just yet.

I know that being in the Middle East should have made me accustom to it. The dry months is even hotter in Dubai (it's not ideal to have a stroll because you can die of heat stroke in 30 minutes to an hour depending on how hydrated you are before you started walking). Though it's hot there, the airconditioner can easily be switched on without having to worry about your electric bill because the cost is bearable if you compare it to the Meralco costs here (and to add insult to injury, I have watched in the news that Meralco will have a price increase this April. Boohoo!).

this was a photo of R travelling to our Desert Safari destination
Now that I am a housewife (well, I am a freelancer as well but more of the former), I have become more conscious on how and where should we spend our money --- in other words, expenses. It was different then because we were both earning enough to splurge a little bit but now, we are mindful of how things are being spent that R thinks I am a grinch or Super S (meaning Super Stingy).

I guess you can say that I am still adjusting to our new lifestyle (yeah! still even if it's already 6 months) but I think I'm slowly getting a hang of it.

Though at times, there really are days when reasoning just wants me to let go of my pseudo accounting skills and jump into how my body will be cooled down by the breeze coming from the airconditioner (hahaha!).

Hopefully the sun won't be as harsh as my friend said it would be.