Monday, April 27


A few weeks back (I think), I got an email from Google to check if my site is mobile-friendly. It seems a lot of people now are opting to own a smartphone rather than a laptop. With almost everyone wanting to be on the go, a smartphone is your best fit.

Like always, I tend to forget this kind of alert (yeah, I am super busy right now being a mom to two puppies and one dog takes much of my time these days) and it is only now that I got prompted to check if my blog is mobile-friendly by taking their test.

yehey! would that mean more readers for this blog?
And I passed (yey!).

So, if you are constantly reading my blog, I am pleased to let you know that it is mobile-friendly! :) No hassles of not getting to read my blog properly. However, if in case this is not true, please let me know so that I can at least inform Google (naks!) about it and let them have a look.