Tuesday, April 14

Another role added: ONLINE SELLER

This is an overly late post because I have actually sold all my items last February :)

Yes, I am an online seller.

I was seeing a particular item on my Facebook feed last November / December 2014 and since we are still trying to figure out what to do next, I thought this can be something that I can do to test the waters.

Introducing the product... tada!

Yema Spread from Quezon
I was intrigued by the taste so I also had a try and then at the same time asked around about it. A friend of mine said that the composition of the yema spread is the same as Estrel's caramel icing on their cakes. 

Even more intrigued because my Facebook newsfeed is being flooded by the yema spread so I took the plunge. My good friend, Meena managed to hook me up with 24 bottles.

As soon as they arrived, I got excited and decided to post it online (",). Since most of my Facebook friends were in Dubai, it is but normal that they were the ones to take notice. I did think that I can ship it to them using the usual route however I failed because I need to produce a lot of documents relating to the package. However since my Dubai friends were very persistent about it, a friend was able to pull some strings and I was able to send them about 6 bottles of this heavenly yema spread.

I think my stash got depleted close to a month. It was a bit difficult at first because I am not that familiar on how to send the bottles across. It was really a good thing that my friend, Raine was able to help me understand the basics of shipping stuff to people.

Though in some instances, R and I delivered the package because we do have time in our hands at the same time, it served as a date night for us too.

Us taking a selfie after making a delivery of the Yema Spread at the Landmark
 I am still hopeful that the online selling business will push through. I have not placed another order for the yema spread as of yet because I do not have enough buyers for this as of now (I think my patrons have not finished their spreads yet - come on people!).

Apart from the spread, I am hoping to expand my re-selling and dip our hands into other products.

I hope this will push through and we can progress further.

*fingers crossed*

Now, if I got you interested with this post and would want to buy some, email me so that I can send you a bottle (after you've paid of course hehehe).