Friday, May 8

Another role added: Mother Doggie/ Dog Breeder Wannabe

I might have hinted already or you might have seen it in my posts (like the previous blog post) that we have puppies in the house. Actually, I bought Sugar (our lovable shih tzu) back in 2009. I think she was about four months old then. I did not have any intention to buy here then but the look on her face captured my heart (oh yes and I thought boys can only do that to you).

Sugar dressed for her pups' check-up
Since we were OFWs, my mom presented herself to be Sugar's caretaker until we decide it's time to settle back here in the Philippines. Every year or every chance I get to go home for vacation, I will always make sure that I will visit Sugar (well I have to since she lives with my mom, right?!).

Last February, my mom got her Canadian tourist visa to visit my brother and his family. To make the long story short, Sugar is now with us... only thing, she was also pregnant (background: since we were thinking of different ways and means to earn, we thought of getting Sugar pregnant and try out our hand in dog breeding).

I have to salute dog breeders out there who are totally hands-on because it is really difficult. R and I had to make a few sacrifices like losing sleep, waking up in the middle of the night (a lot of times) and more. I feel so overwhelmed with how R handled taking care of these puppies. Of course, he would complain from time to time but he adores them a lot (and actually has a favorite between the two pups).

Spice and Herb - 1 day old 

I also have some good and bad days with them but seeing them being their cheerful self is worth my time. To be honest, a day passes by without me noticing that it's already the afternoon especially if we are playing with them. I felt really proud of them especially during those days when they were trying to walk around their cage and then the house (now, we find it hard to locate where they are though most of the time, they are underneath the sofa... always).

These puppies are like our babies for now until the real one comes along. Initially, we thought of selling these puppies but right now, we have decided to keep them. Who would have thought that you can really get attached with them? These cuties makes us really excited to come down the stairs because we know they will be at the end, waiting for us.