Saturday, May 2

Summer Heat

For the past few days, the heat has cranked up a notch and the temperature rises day after day (and at times hour after hour)! Since we have the puppies to look after, R and I cannot just go out and spend our day in the mall (yes, we have grown soooo attached with these cuties) even if we really wanted to so that we can have a taste of the "free aircon" the malls are providing.

Our doggies namely Herb, Spice and their mom, Sugar

I am pretty sure you are also having a hard time dealing with the heat and is actually itching to switch the aircon and worry about the electric bill later (I pray Meralco will not have another increase).

In order to beat the heat, here are some handy tips on how we have handled the heat:- 

Fans for air circulation.
We have two fans open here in the living /dining area. This is so that the air in this part of the room will circulate.

Low lighting
Since the sun is out most of the time, the house do have some natural light coming in. Fortunately for us, a slice of the light comes in but not enough to add more heat inside (one of the perks of being in the middle of two houses). Also, R says it's a good idea to use low lights so that the glare of the lights will not contribute to the heat that we are feeling. 

Drink lots of water 
We have also been consuming tons and tons of ice cold water all throughout the day. This is important to keep you hydrated. It does not necessarily have to be cold but you know enough to keep the fluids from circulating.

Another tip that I may add is to take a quick shower.This will definitely freshen you up and make the rest afternoon bearable.

Hope this tips will help you out one way or another.

Though if you have friends who have vacation homes in cooler places like Tagaytay or Silang, Cavite, now is the time to think of organizing a mini-get together :)