Tuesday, May 19

Rib Rubbin' Good at Rub Makati

My friends can attest to the fact that my family loves to eat. We are always on the hunt for the next best thing or the latest food restaurant to open. Okay, we are not literally going there when they open. We actually try to give them time. Read reviews from sites like Zomato, Booky or also based on our friend's recommendations.
I am still trying to learn the ropes on how you'll know where the people go for food so I kind of rely on my sissy to lead where we should go especially when I have the whole family with me. First, my dad is a big eater. He loves his rice and will not hesitate to have more than two cups depending on the main dish that was delivered to our table. Also, we go for the size of portions.

R and I were accustomed to the portions in Dubai that when they say it's for sharing - they meant it. Here in the Philippines, it's not the case. When they say for sharing, it actually means two girls with size 26 as their waistline.

The sister said that there seems to be a lot of buzz for Rub, a restaurant at Poblacion Makati that she said we should try. You see the main purpose of the get together was also a despidida for my mom when she left for Canada.

As told, I immediately searched Zomato and checked what their usual commenters said about the resto and at the same time, I checked the prices.

It seems to fit the bill so off we went.

BBQ Ribs Super Duo 

Grilled Fish (was a bit soggy) 

Unsure if this is their chicken buffalo wings or chicken tenders 

For a group of four, this was actually enough. We also ordered a few sides. 

The ribs were great. We initially thought that it was just half a slab so imagine our surprise when there was another slab hidden! Hahaha! We don't have anything but good words for the ribs. It was tender and juicy. 

The grilled fish would have been good too I think but it was soggy. We think it is because of the lemon butter sauce. It would have been better if it was just put to the side or maybe brushed to the fish. Of course, that is just a suggestion. 

The chicken was good too but I prefer a different dip. Maybe they can offer other dips to complement with the chicken. 

Overall, it was worth the price and the wait (yep, there was a bit of waiting however it moved fast probably because people were already seated and having their food when we came). 

I guess on hours where there are not a lot of people, it would be nice to just chill there. I wanted to catch my breath from all the eating that we did however looking at the line of people outside, you will feel guilty if you do. 

I might ask R to come back next time when they are off-peak. I wonder when will that be? Maybe we can try their branch here at Pasig. 

**This review was made by the blogger alone and not with any sponsorship from the store.