Wednesday, May 20

Summer House

You know what? The weather is really the favorite topic in any conversation. I think it's the ultimate ice breaker. As for me, from the time that we have arrived and summer has really kicked in, I think I have blogged about it for four times (whaaat?!).
I just had a thought awhile ago (in the shower) if the weather was also one of the reasons why Americans have summer homes. Was it to beat the cold weather from where they were based? I have noticed in some American movies that I have seen, they have two houses - they have their own house and then they have the "summer" house where all the summer activities take place. Initially I thought that it seems to be a waste of money having two houses aside from the kitchen gadgets and furniture that you had to buy to make both houses 'homey'.

However, now that we are experiencing this much of heat (today, the heat index might reach up to 40 degrees C according to TV Patrol, ABS-CBN), I am really thinking hard if we should get a house as a summer escape from this terrible heat that we are experiencing.

Yes, people do go to the beach or stay in Baguio for a few days but that's it - the perks of being a working individual. I guess the idea of staying somewhere for a month or two is really just for people who owns their time - entrepreneurs, work-from-home individuals or OFWs (these are the only group of people that I can think of right now).

If you dream with me, I have seen a few summer homes on the internet (thanks to Google!).

photo grabbed from of Elysium Properties 
I like this summer house. It's near the lake wherein you can take a quick dip if the weather gets really hot and then explore your surroundings or just be one with nature.

photo grabbed from
I like that this house is surrounded by a lot of greenery (something that we lack here in Mandaluyong and to be honest all over Metro Manila). It can be a bit smaller since it's just a summer house. Usually with these houses, it is better off to not equip it with wifi or cable. Yes, of course a television is still necessary but if you can get local channels only, I think that should be fine (as long as you can get the news). If I live here, I would want to get another cooker because I have a feeling that I can bake and make excellent dishes (yes, I think I can do so especially if I am  not feeling all sweaty :/)

I have to stop or else, I might convince R that we need a summer house. I just had another thought... Maybe instead of creating a home in the city, we can do that in the suburbs and then invest on a condo unit in Manila? Hmm... very tricky but far from happening.

Oh well, I just need to endure the heat for now because rainy days are coming very, very soon (I really hope it's sooner!).