Monday, July 1

Local Ads and Recipes

I was just browsing through my blog and re-reading my old posts when I noticed that my blog now has local adverts (naks!) :)

Does this mean people notice my blog? or it was just because of the fact that I live in this region hence the advertisements. Well, whatever that means, I thank people who find time to read my blog (and you are one of them, Stubbsy!)... I am hoping to see some comments though :)

I know I don't write much and I really think I have found the source, it's because I am always pre-occupied with doing a lot of stuff! There was even a tweet not so long ago about this type of disorder that I have!!

RT @UberFacts: "Busy Life Syndrome" is a real disorder causing forgetfulness and lack of concentration in people who take in too much information daily.
(tweet taken from twitter) 

Ha! I need to do something about this and create a routine (possibly) so that I don't fall into this... Focus is the word (which I can hopefully blog in another time -- eep! another promise that I intend to keep)

On other news, I have been cooking again and when I say cook, that means baking! :) It has been one of my favorite hobby however due to the fact that some of the houses we have lived in do not have a proper oven, I cannot really create my masterpiece(s). 

In our new home, I have slowly been engaging myself with the oven again. I have baked a few out of the box brownies (thanks Betty Crocker and White King!) 

image from wikipedia
 I was able to test my baking skills and have moved on from cooking my own version of baked chicken and is slowly working my way into learning the family's secret recipes (yes, they are from my cousin, the well renowned Citrus & Herbs catering service). 

These ready to bake mix gave me the opportunity to work out of my comfort zone by doing a no-bake fudge bar! :) It was an instant hit!! :) 

It was gone in about a week! :) R loves them which is the most important customer of all :) 

So, here's to more recipes and more cooking (does this mean I am okay to be a housewife?)...