Friday, July 19

Do you have the ___________ dream?

In between having my brunch and reading an e-book in my Kindle, my housemate joined me in the kitchen to have his breakfast as well. 

Sensing, I need to have some manners and strike a conversation with him, I decided to put down my Kindle and chatted a bit about things happening around. 

We went to the topic of our friends and families going to Canada. We talked about their struggles and also how their start up is the same as ours here in Dubai. 

I then asked him if he is also planning to go to Canada soon and he said no. He further explained that if given the chance now and choice, he would go back home to the Philippines. 

I thought to myself, I share his sentiments. Though travelling or visiting is not a bad idea but to live there? I am not sure. 

I just realised, a lot of people in the Philippines have the (             ) dream. It can be interpreted in different countries / regions: It started off with the American dream next the European dream, the Canada dream and I think a few have the Gulf dream. 

When I was a kid, people talk endlessly about how having an American dream can solve all the problems they had then. Being in the US, where the money is overflowing, your dependents will also be part of the pail of money that you have. 

Suddenly, the attention was directed to the European dream. Since most of us Pinoys are accustomed to skilled labour, we got the idea that this dream will help us fulfil our wishes to our family. 

Another country would come out and you'd see Filipinos striving to go there and start building their dreams.... what about the Philippines? Doesn't anyone have a Philippine dream?

I ask myself the same thing. 

For one, I did not have a Gulf dream. Being in this country was merely a step. A step closer to going for my true love, R. However, if you will ask me, I have not really seen myself having any of those dreams. 

Sure, I may want to visit those places but the comfort of being in your country is different. The Philippines is not perfect and so is in other countries, it has its ups and downs but nevertheless, it can still shine like the rest. :) 

Now, writing about this just makes me all the more excited to go back! :)