Friday, July 12

Writing in the Past

If you have been my follower for the longest time... I keep telling people that I want to write. Be it on this blog or to write a novel or a short article, basta I need to write.

While browsing through our old external hard drive (yes old... it's WD book version of the external hard drive... the one that needs to powered on before you can get any files unlike the ones now where its portable), I found this baby

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I always wanted to buy one of these before because I have this feeling that I will be able to write more and focus... The idea is to buy this and start writing my novel! 

This was kind of something I'd really, really want before. I thought if I had this, there will be no distractions whenever I want to write... well, to be honest, this was like my reasoning as to why I bought the Kindle but I still was not able to read as much as I would want to... so you know... (embarrassed)... let's forget I said that.

Seeing this device made me realise that my dream did not die... it was just in hiatus or hibernating... I am planning to write a novel soon...oh please, don't ask me when soon is... :-( but seeing this made me realise that I should really start working on my dream. 

I just think I keep making excuses on what I should be doing (super!).

Hopefully, with all these things popping up, I get to work on my dream.