Friday, July 19

Trip to the baby store

My officemate is having her baby really soon and they (husband and wife) decided that she has her delivery in the Philippines due to the sensitivity of her pregnancy.

Since she will be leaving this weekend, I decided to buy some cutie patootie stuff for her baby boy :)

I decided to drag R with me to Centrepoint and search for baby stuff.

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There were a lot of cute stuff for both boys and girls (though I really have to say and I think most mothers would agree, girls are easier to dress up than boys)!! The store's design is U-shape starting off with the big girls / boys section (I think about 6 years of age) and then when you go inside the store, you would see clothes for 0-24 months. 

In the middle, they have housed what kids like the most - TOYS! :) It has stuff for girls to cook and fulfil their dreams of becoming a housewife, medical kits for the doctor wannabes and more! 

Going further, you would see these cute onesies for infants. They come in different designs. Most of the  items are currently on sale or on a WOW price (the store's words, not mine). You can get onesies for AED 49 only (in 5 different designs!). 

There were also infant mittens, booties and the headgear. 

For people who just don't know what to get, the store came up with an "everything-that-you-need" gift pack for friends and family who just had their baby.

While browsing around, I said to myself,  I really hope I can do this kind of shopping for my own one day. 

Being in the store was a bit different and weird. 

Different and weird because I guess we have been wanting to have one for a few years now. 

I know it will come and we are just excited to welcome him or her when the timing is right. 

Only God can tell (though I sometimes wish, it's sooner rather than later!). 

Centrepoint or Babyshop outlets are available in most of the malls here in the UAE