Wednesday, December 10

Comfort and Style brought to you by Mandaue Foam

In order to get a good night sleep, you should be one with your mattress.

Our old mattress was a hand me down from my brother. Their family has been getting bigger and bigger every year and they needed to have a bed that can fit all of them should the kids decide they don't want to sleep in their own room.

I gladly accepted it because we were only vacationing once a year so I didn't think that we need to get a new mattress only for it to be covered with dust or household insects after a year. R and I were not that comfortable but it was better rather than not having a bed to sleep on. This was around two to three years ago.

Fast forward to October 2014, I noticed that I cannot sleep well at night. My back was always sweaty and R said he feels like he is about to fall from his side of the bed. We decided to do a bit of investigation to remedy the situation. We have turned our bed around and also checked why am I getting a sweaty back all the time.

It turns out the bed has a leather cover and on top of that a synthetic cover which is why it was hot when you lie on your back or side or front. I just shrugged my shoulders and say, okay maybe when the weather gets colder, it will get better.

It did not. I want a new mattress.

I have been eyeing the Mandaue Foam website when I was still in Dubai. I even followed them through Facebook and Instagram. Even before when they were not as famous as they are now, I do see quality pieces of furniture. I remember being told that their main selling point in their business is their mattresses and I kept that in mind till now.

So imagine my excitement and it really felt like God answered our prayers when they had a 20% discount sale for mattresses (Thanks to my mom). On the date that they started the sale, we trooped to Mandaue's newest showroom at Shaw Boulevard and checked their offers.

We went from one bed into another. Laid down side by side and moved around each bed they have to offer. We fell in love with this.
screenshot of the bed from Mandaue Foam's website

This is actually a late post because we have been enjoying this mattress for a month now. We made the right choice. When the mattress was delivered to us and we had it in our bed, I woke up at around 10 in the morning (in our old bed, it was usually 7:30 or sometimes 6am because my back was already sweaty since the aircon is on automatic switch off).

I love the comfort this mattress brings and their delivery service was also exceptional. They have been giving us updates about the delivery schedule. I know I might sound like a commercial to you but I do commend them for their service at the showroom up to the delivery.

Now you do not have to just take my word for it but you can also have the Mandaue experience as they are now having another sale!

It's not too late for more Christmas shopping for your home! :)

You can also visit the Mandaue Foam website ( Please note that this is my personal post and is not an advert.