Friday, December 19

Is having a Postpaid plan the way to live these days?

This entry is like a continuation of what I have written in my blog post, I think a month ago (read it here ).

Another issue we have now is if one of us should maintain a postpaid service to be in contact most of the time. What we have been doing for the past few months is to re-charge our SIM with credits from the sari-sari store or buy a re-charge card for us to use... for half of the month.

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To be honest, since I am at home most of the time, I do not need the charge unless of course I had to go out or I need to call someone who is not on Viber, Whatsapp or Facebook. Highly unlikely but that happens most especially when family members (like my mom) who frequents malls and is not home most of the time. Her not being home means she does not have wifi access around hence the need to call her from time to time.
I use this app a lot to communicate with my mom and relatives abroad 

Another thing is when you need to call landline numbers and I always end up going to the reliable sari-sari store to ring someone who doesn't have a mobile phone or does not allow us to contact someone directly (like going through a customer hotline).

A note I had for myself when I had to call a service hotline

A friend suggested to get the lowest postpaid package possible but should also be beneficial to us. I have been thinking about it because as I have mentioned previously, landline numbers and/or postpaid accounts can get you a credit card.

Not that we need it or even want to but there are times when the only option to pay is via a Mastercard or Visa.

Also, when we were in Dubai, I had a postpaid line because of the data package it provides. However here in the Philippines, the data package is quite expensive (I do not want to talk about that issue right now because that deserves another blog post) so that was the reason I hesitated.

Now, I have re-think our position about that front and maybe it will benefit us.