Thursday, December 18

Twitter Lists

I have been a Twitter user for the longest time. I like the fact that I can express myself in 140 words but at the same time would rack my brains on how to 'really' express myself in 140 words?!

Over time, I have followed and unfollowed a lot of Twitter users because some end up ranting a lot that it's not healthy, others ended up being a tweeting advert of the products being promoted while some just do not tweet at all (I guess they got tired when the post button does not work if you go over 140).

I like Twitter because you get creative on how to say what you mean in that word count! To date, I think I am following about 200+ Twitter addicts and it is beginning to be difficult to keep track of the people you follow. Because aside from their usual tweet, you will also be getting the tweets they have retweeted and they have marked as a favorite.

That is a good thing too but at times, I feel that most of my timeline now is just about retweets, favorites and adverts :( No real person really tweeting about what they think or feel.

At times, I don't open my Twitter app anymore because no conversations are being made there anymore. While browsing through my page, I decided to explore the lists that I have made. Lo and Behold, I had a light bulb moment, I can use those to keep track of the things I want to read or know about. I decided to reinstate my "Twitter Lists" and updated the users on it too.

This got me excited that I have now found a new way to connect and re-connect! :)

You can see more of me at Twitter again! In case, you just want to chat or have a conversation, tweet me at @rach_alarcon.