Tuesday, December 2

Raving for Rita's

I have been reading about Rita's and actually saw the sign being set up a few weeks back when we were in Greenhills. The place where the store is situated was not a fortunate spot for the previous store so I was actually thinking that Rita's might have the same fate.

I guess I was wrong.

I passed by the store again and there was a long queue of people wanting to try what they have to offer. I said to myself, it can just be a fad like some of the little shops that have sprouted before.

I was wrong again!

Reading from Spot.ph, the store was a hit in the United States. It started out as a small store which has expanded all throughout the country. The co-owner, Ted Castro says there is nothing like it in the country. Very true.

My sister, being a foodie herself (I think) asked my mom and I to try Rita's. To be honest, the stingy side of me was contemplating whether to give it a try or not. I was thinking if the PHP 130 was worth it for an ice cream custard?

Eventually, we reached our destination and good thing there were not a lot of people inside. There was a good flow of customers coming in and out of the store. It only has a few seating inside but they have extended their seating outside (behind the store, away from the car pollution - a plus point for me!).

I decided to stick to the basics and ordered a Gelati. I tried their mango ice with vanilla custard.

This was my order

The size was actually reasonable for its price. Obviously not reading so much of the write-up on the website (teehee), I thought that the base was all ice and the custard on top. I was surprised to see that the base was actually custard too! It was not that sweet for me, it was just right. However, if you think you need to watch your sugar level, they also offer sugar-free Italian ice (I might try that next time to try if it will sacrifice the taste of the whole ensemble). 

My sister had the Blendini. 

I wasn't sure what her set of order was because I only heard the bit about the chocnut or was it choc full of nuts but it sure did taste like chocnut to me! :) 

It was nice and very light (we had those before dinner, imagine!). 

When I reached home, I still want to have some more of Rita's! Now, I wonder how I can convince R to give it a try... (",)