Monday, March 2

After 5 months

I have finally burst my Dubai bubble and can now really say goodbye to the newsletters and deals that have been occupying my mailbox for the past months.

It begins to irritate / annoy / feel weird seeing these emails that are not related to my current location. I mean, yes there is still that desire to go back but only to meet friends, maybe try out the restos that we have missed out and be in awe of how we had Dubai in our mind.

However these newsletters and deals will just have to go because there is no sense for me to keep them. From my previous blog post, I have mentioned unsubscribing only to a few but now, I am making a brave move of unsubscribing to them all! Hooray!

I have been relieved of that bondage (what?!). I think my Yahoo Mail will be on a diet for a few months while I search for other email alerts that I now need to fill in the gap and all of that will be all about the Philippines!! :) or maybe other places too, I am not that sure.