Wednesday, March 18

Our Taco Bell experience

I have mentioned in my previous blog post that my mom and I's Taco Bell experience is worth having a seperate blog post so here it goes.

One fine day, my mom asked me to accompany her to check out prices for her ticket to Canada. I have already searched online for her but she is still convinced that a travel agency can work its magic and make the price of her plane ticket cheaper. Since I have got nothing to do (background: my mom just retired from her work as an Account Executive for a food distribution company and as for me, well, I am still waiting for the next big thing), I said yes to her plea and off we went to Gateway Mall.

After checking her flights and making a temporary booking, my mom wanted to have merienda (or what some would call afternoon snack or afternoon tea for some). I said okay but since I did not have that much cash with me, I told her that we need to pick where to eat because we will either pay by credit card or the cash that I have which is less than Php 500 (I know right?!).

My mom and I searched (well, we really wanted Army Navy but Booky Manila has failed to give us information that there is an Army Navy branch within the area) where we can eat however our eyes got glued to this Taco Bell promo (2 wraps for I think Php 80). We both looked at one another and said, that seems to be a good deal! We immediately lined up to the counter and was giddy with our discovery.

We were so excited to have a bite and when my name was called... we got this...

This is one of the two wraps that we got 
I have to admit, I was dismayed but my mom and I could not contain ourselves that we just have to laugh out this moment!

In the end, my mom made a side comment to me saying, Yan ang nagagawa ng sobrang tipid (that's what you get for being stingy!).

Lesson learned indeed!