Thursday, March 5

What's your Money-saving Skills?

When I was still single, I would always portion my salary as soon as I get a ping from my bank. I appropriate for the bills (my mom asked me to shoulder the cable and water expenses back then), save some in my piggy bank (yes, it was literally a stainless steel piggy bank that I got from one of my uncles I think) and keep some in my wallet for my daily commute and unexpected food trips with my officemates.

the piggy bank (cannot find a stainless one) 
With this, I was able to save x amount of money which I eventually decided to deposit in one of the banks near us. It was like I got addicted to saving that I make sure I deposit every month and my heart breaks whenever I have to withdraw (yes, I am weird like that).

By the time I had to leave for Dubai, I took my savings with me and gave some to my mom to pay off the remaining bills that may have incurred when I leave.

My stay in Dubai kind of gave me a different outlook about money. Credit cards were being processed as if you can get them from a vending machine. I have to say, my first few years really took a toll on me. It was like I always had this urge to use my credit card.

I think it was when the recession in Dubai came that woke me and everybody else from the dream that we do not have to worry about money whilst we were in that country. People hit by recession had to  sell everything, families had to decide whether the entire family can stay for another month or should the father or mother choose which of them should be left behind.

Overall, it was not a happy time. It made me realise that I should stop spending and start saving again. I decided to open a savings account that is not easily accessible for me to withdraw but within my reach if I needed to deposit.

After that, friends have approached me and discussed possibilities of investing our money in mutual funds, insurance and more.

I have to say, this was our saving grace.

It did took a while for me to get the hang of saving again but it felt good. Being able to see that you have saved enough for the rainy days. I will be a hypocrite if I say we don't spend because I still am a sucker for gadgets (having changed phones for the nth time) but I am conscious when I do so. I make sure that what we buy serves its purpose to us (if it's a gadget or a service we pay).

Right now, this is what's keeping us afloat while we discover the 'next best thing' for us. However I do hope that we get to find it before our resources get depleted! :p

What about you? What's your money-saving skills?