Friday, March 20

Can't seem to fit

You may or may not be aware but I have been trying to work online for the past few months. I actually did have a successful stint over the holiday period which was perfect timing because I was still at that stage where my body was craving for work (I think this happens post-resignation).

I was always on my blog (like what I am now) and at the same time, busied myself looking for work after posting.

Because I was slouched to our bed most of the time while I finished my article writing assignment, R decided it has got to stop and said, we need to buy a table.

We searched for desk tables online and offline for a perfect match to what I need at the same time, with what little space we have.

Since I am a proud member of SnR store (seperate blog - I promise!), we were able to also scout the tables that they have.

It was love at first sight.

My table from S&R (photo grabbed from

The set up was working at first with the table in our bedroom. Unfortunately, I still need a chair which we are still sourcing (I am looking for a chair that is foldable and with holes on the ass side so that my butt won't get sweaty!). The other thing also is I want to have a permanent location for my working table.

I want to have a permanent space for it somewhere around the living room.

This is something that I need to discuss with R.

What is happening right now? I squat at our living room and dining area alternately.  Yeah... not an ideal set up which is why, my attention gets diverted.

When in the living room, I get distracted by the TV and when I'm in our dining area, I get distracted with the food or I feel like I'm hungry! hahahaha!

Writing about it now makes me realise that we need to discuss about this a.s.a.p!