Saturday, November 24

Book Review (I think) Anybody Out There by Marian Keyes

I haven't really tried doing a proper book review. I did a book report back in school (and I am sure you did one or two a long, long time ago) so that's how I'm going to do this book review of

Anybody Out There by Marian Keyes 

I was intrigued on the first few pages of the book... It started off with the love story between Anna and Aidan (the usual plot of how they meet, when they started dating, the time they hooked up). I like the way Marian tried to bring back the past and then fast forward to the present. It is something (which I think) that is a bit difficult to do because you (as a writer) can be lost in your own story. 

The twist was there and I also held my breath a couple of times while reading because of the "almost" scenarios! 

I like the way people, situations and places were described. It seems like I was transported to Anna's place in Ireland and their nest home in New York. 

The book made me understand how to deal with situations. About an unfinished business, bringing in new life, accepting one's loss and having a support group. 

The book showed me that even if we form part of different cultures and from different countries, we still have a set of values when it comes to family - how we show support for our family members through their highs and lows. 

After the realization, I think the book kind of rushed the ending. I was expecting more (I guess) or maybe it was Marian's way of letting us, the readers decide what we think can be a good ending for this. 

Overall, the book was well-written and I enjoyed it. 

Rating: 5/10 (it took 2 weeks to finish the book)