Thursday, November 15

Woman robbed and raped!

I was browsing through the web (actually more of moving my blog reads from Wordpress to this one) when I decided to take a break and read through my tweets and saw this tweet from KatDeCastro

Grabe. Crowded pa that area ha. "@ANCALERTS: Woman robbed, raped near Guadalupe MRT station"
11/15/12 7:11 PM
 I just had to read the news article (click here) about it. While reading through, the police officers admits that this is a modus operandi by the suspect and know that the reason behind it is because people going off the metro station to the nearest jeepney terminal will need to pass through a dark alley.

The police's action: they are now managing the situation.

I think the resolution is to light up the area (Good that they have requested this from the long before it will be installed? We will never know. Paging MMDA). They probably need to put a police post where an actual policeman will monitor the area (hopefully, the bystanders will not use it for their drinking sessions).

Imagine, according to the suspect himself, this is not his first victim. Someone must have reported it before... (ding!ding!ding!) Luckily, this story got picked up by a news agency or else nothing will be done with it?

I will leave this open-ended because I cannot comment about this incident anymore. I think what has happen speaks volume of what needs to be done.