Sunday, November 18

Quiet weekend ...

Last Thursday was the beginning of the long weekend here in Dubai. Of course, for these type of once in a life time holidays, people usually take advantage of it by going to the beach or park, exploring the other emirates or for some just do the usual which is mall hopping.

Funny enough, I did not do any of this.

R (my hubby) and I just stayed at home. It was just a typical weekend but it was filled with lots of Q time with each other.

We kind of bummed up to be honest. Stayed at home, eat, watch TV, listen to some music, watch TV, surf the net, read an ebook, sleep and the routine goes back to the start. It was good because it allowed me to rest fully ( I had the worst case of cold and cough that would not go away) and regained my energy. For R, it was a quiet one for him because I did not pester him to go to the mall.

You see even with the long weekend, R still has to work the night shifts (boo!) and I think that is one of the reasons why we didn't go out.

Now the weekend is about to end in a few hours and I can see people posting their pictures of the weekend that was. Overall, everybody had fun on this long weekend... The next long weekend will be during the 2nd of December wherein the UAE will be celebrating their 41st National Day. I am pretty sure people will be on the streets that time especially the locals.

Hmmm.... I wonder where we will be.... till the next holiday!

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