Tuesday, November 13


I have thought about this long and hard...

should I change blogs? why? is my wordpress not enough?
To be honest, I do not really want the pain of having to set up my blog again and you know go through the start up

  • Blog name 
  • Blog addy  (blog address for some)
  • Customizing the template 
  • Organizing what the blog should look like
However, despite all of this, I still changed my blog for the nth time.

To be able to store more pictures... to have more flexibility in my blog (sorry Wordpress!) and... well, I think that's about it really.

Now, I am not going to put my previous blog posts in this blog... okay, I take it back... maybe some if it relates to a topic...

Let's see how this goes... hopefully, I don't change blogs and will stick with this for the longest time!