Thursday, November 15

Picasa or Flickr?

One of the reasons of doing the "move" is because my actions are very limited in Wordpress (sorry!).

I was able to post my pictures but after sometime, my blog always gets the X mark which means, either I lost the link from the website or to be honest, I am not sure (blame Photobucket!).

Looking at other people's blogs, I have noticed that most of them uses Flickr.

I am also considering Picasa because it's already part of Google's services and seems Google has already had me sold, I thought why not use their online photo sharing as well.

Previously, I have used Photobucket but not using it for the past years (like 5 years!)... and well I forgot I have it to be honest :p

Now seems to be the best time for me to look for which platform to choose.

Decisions... decisions... will blog about it when I make up my mind :)