Saturday, November 29


Pardon for the hashtag title but I am really feeling that right now! :)

I have been on a short break from my laptop (had to sort out something about our car and at the same time, had to carry out daughter / wife duties -- gorcery!!) so imagine my excitement / surpise/ joy when I saw that I already got a +amount in my Nuffnang account. 

To be quite honest, it is not a big amount (I don't think I can even buy anything from the amount that I have received but seeing that just means, there is something to look forward to in my blogging career! Hahaha!! 

I am not sure if I understand it right... if I divert readers to their websites or they do to me but in case, it just means that someone / somebody (thanks to you) visit/ visits my blog!! 

How cool is that?? 
Can you imagine people reading about me... about my thoughts... about what I think about the current events or just about anything! :)


I am over the moon right now :)

Thanks viewer(s)! Hopefully, I can see you comment or post something in my blog. I already know I have one reader... still wishing and hoping that more people will be interested to read about what I have to say.

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