Saturday, November 15

Air Drop and its Hulaboos

I hate to admit that I have been bitten by Apple and is actually beginning a fan of their devices. Though I have to say the battery life of its devices is still considered to be one of the down sides, I still am all for it (hey, that's why powerbanks were invented right?).

It got me a bit excited when they started mentioning about Air Drop. You see when you have different devices on hand, having a way to share your files between devices is really a plus. You would usually take photos using your phone and want it to be shared on your computer so you can blog about it (ahem) or just save it in your photo library.

So when Air Drop was available, my colleagues at work (or should I say ex-colleagues) decided to transfer files via this application.

The verdict?
Well, it worked on some of our phones but not on all. This bummed us (most specifically the person who cannot receive the files! That wasn't me!!!). After that, I lost interest with it. Fast forward to now, my sister and I have the same phone and decided to use Air Drop again. It worked and so this has been the best way for us to share files (especially when she takes better photos than I do... hmm, did I just admit that?! :p)

I decided to give it a try with my laptop but after XXX number of attempts, I decided to call for Google's help and see if other users experienced the same issues.

Oh yes they did!
And I thought my lone device has that issue. I decided to search and search. A lot of users were actually frustrated about it and one user even mentioned just iMessaging files to his other devices since Air Drop didn't work!

iMessage? Decided to give it a try and it worked! Sorry but I feel giddy and excited because that is the work around I have been looking for! And here is the evidence of it! :P

Our first Christmas Tree... 

The photo above was sent through to iMessage! This might be a late discovery and people might be doing the face palm right now but hey, that's fine because this is something new to me :P 

So... expect more original photos from me now since I can just iMessage them to my friend, the laptop.