Saturday, November 22

Are you a Pocket user?

Since I am still waiting for our stove (thanks again for my sponsors - my friends), I have been browsing the internet for various recipes that can be done when the stove arrives (yes, that is how excited I am!).

Initially what I have been doing is saving/ adding bookmarks into my webpage which is now looking a bit heavy and to be honest, I don't browse a lot anymore.

A friend (or was it Itunes) introduced me to Pocket.

This app lets you save or bookmark a webpage that you want to read for later. I think I have used a previous app before (aside from bookmarking) but it did not satisfy me.

With Pocket, it allows me to also tag my recent finds so that it will be easy to search :) or if you cannot really remember how you tagged the article, you can also search it via the keywords on the title (which is what I do most of the time).

all of the Chicken recipes that I have saved appeared! :) 

Apart from recipes, I also save news or feature articles in this app which I want to read when I have the leisure to do so (which is supposedly now but I still do not do it boo!).

I *heart* this app :)