Wednesday, November 12

The Infamous Weather

Last September, people have started tweeting, posting in Facebook their greetings about the coming Christmas holidays.

By that time, the cold breeze is already felt and you get giddy because you know that the festive season is coming! People are cheerful and are slowly getting into the spirit.

Being here in the Philippines now for more than a month now, I cannot feel the breeze during the day. The cold gust of the wind is only felt in the morning (not sure if this is because when pollution sets in, this kind of blocked the cold wind - am I right?).

The sweaty feeling is still there or is this just me adjusting to the weather? No, I beg to disagree!! A few years back when I went home during the latter part of the year, the weather was nice.

Could this be the effect of global warming??

I wonder what the weather will be when summer comes? *gulp* 

Yours truly, 

Sweaty Me