Wednesday, November 26

Mas #MerrySMChristmas dito sa Pilipinas!

A few months back, my husband and I have decided to pack our bags and return to the motherland - the Philippines.

After a decade of working abroad, we thought why not try out and live our dream? All we have in hand were our savings and lots and lots of baggage :) Kidding aside, during those years of working abroad, I have always avoided going home for the holidays. I always tell myself, I cannot bear being happy for a few days and be miserable for the next 11 months. So I never went home.

I would always see my colleagues at work be excited as they do their own countdown of going home to be with their relatives and enjoy the festivities. I end up covering for them for a month or more so that they can be with their family.

When my husband has announced that he had enough and would want to start anew in the Philippines, I said yes but made him a deal - we would do it during the -ber months! I reasoned that at least by that time, the weather would be a bit colder and he will have less asthma attacks by then. He gave it a thought and shook my hand to seal the deal! However in reality, I really want to experience Christmas in the Philippines.

Once we reached home, I would always be in awe of department stores like SM Supermalls that will have Christmas trees decorated in various themes - white, blue, gold and red (I think this color is really for Chinese celebrating the season, but that's me). I would observe sales consultants and decorators cheerfully commanding their team on how the store or tree should be decorated. Christmas carols being played over and over. The holiday cheer (even though it's only October / November) is infectious!

The #MerrySMChristmas spirit found me!

You see in the country that we have been, Christmas is also being celebrated but you don't feel the spirit of Christmas. A country that is affluent in almost everything yet the vibe is not there. I think the expats in that country make do of what they can get.

Sabi nga nila, iba talaga ang Pasko sa Pilipinas and it is true.

Now that we are back home, I intend to spend this holiday and make it a memorable one for us and our families!

Like how the people behind the SM Supermalls tries to give a smile to every young children this Christmas. As part of their SM Cares program, they have introduced the 'Give a Bear of Joy Today'. For just PHP 200, you get to keep a bear for you or your kid and you or they get to share it with other children in orphanages or institutions who are in need of someone to cuddle :)

In the spirit of the holiday season, I know we all tend to more giving so if you want to find out more about SM's other MerrySMChristmas events, visit their website (click this  >>> 

To give more of the Christmas cheer because it's a #MerrySMChristmas, view this short video of how the SM elves continue to work so that you and your kids can be part of Santa's NICE list!

Now, let me go back to my own Naughty or Nice list! ;-)