Wednesday, November 19

Am I creative enough?

Back when we were kids during my playtime, my cousin and I will have different activities. She will be busy with her crafts or she is downstairs helping out cooking. As for me, I will either be in our room, reading books and when the internet was available - chat and email my friends.

Today she still does her crafts and incorporates it with her baking or when she does her once-in-a-blue-moon creations (invitations). Sad I do not have any of her creations with me. I guess moving around a lot and not having a permanent place to put keepsakes does this to you. 

As for me, I try my hand in crafts from time to time - like my cross stitch obsession and then now to baking.

I have seen a lot of people and some my friends who can make something beautiful from scratch.

Am I creative enough
This is the question I ask myself and so since I have a lot of free time, I thought I will start with sewing things just basic stuff. You know things you have learned in your Home Economics class. Most probably, throw pillow covers... or table runners... or I don't know but something.

Let us see if I can make this happen ;)

Thankfully, I still have our old sewing machine with me (a shopping splurge that we did not intend to do but bought it anyway since we were influenced by a good friend....)

I think my sewing machine looks like this 

Now, where to set it up... hmmm...