Monday, November 17

Moving Forward

Do you recall when your boyfriend or girlfriend have parted ways? The only way for you to move forward is to either return the things he / she gave you (though I am told this is not the norm because you do not return stuff given to you willingly) or you delete them (slowly) from your life. 

I have just braved my emails and started unsubscribing (slowly) to newsletters and deals that I have been receiving regarding the UAE. 

A few weeks back when I was browsing through my email, I told myself that I will just keep them for now because maybe (just maybe) there might still be some items that I will want to buy in Dubai then I can have it delivered to my friend's house or office. 

I keep opening deals and newsletters which eventually made me feel miss the country more. To be honest, it made me feel sad. 

It felt like I was missing out on a lot of things because there were still some activities that I want us to try. 

Can't move on
So tonight, I have decided that I will unsubscribe to these newsletters and deals (okay, maybe about 3-4 of them) so that I can look forward :)

thanks for the memories!!