Tuesday, November 4


Are they really worth it? 
A few days after coming back home, my mom and sister have been telling me to avail of the card membership from S&R.

I think I have only been to this store once or twice when I was still in my tweens (ahem! yeah, a long time ago). I have to say I like the idea that you can buy stuff in bulk. Another interesting fact is that I (and the entire family) like love their humongous pizza slices!

photo courtesy of http://www.istorya.net/forums/food-and-dining-18/335954-s-and-r-pizza-you-better-try.html

I also know that they have reasonable sale items for their members.

R and I had a talk. He thinks the idea of being member sounds like a good idea but then also asks me if the PHP 700 membership is worth it.

Please do not take this as if we snub these kind of privileges because we are also members of the Robinsons Rewards and BDO Rewards. These two only have a minimal fee. Apart from that, we frequent the places they offer rewards to (Hello! Robinsons and SM - wherelse!). So I mean you know, you will definitely reap rewards on these cards.

I am still contemplating on this because there are a few household items that can be bought in S&R that you cannot find elsewhere. I think this is the Philippine version of Target or Costco.

Though I have also read online in one of the women sites that buying in bulk has its disadvantages too. You do not maximise the use of your supplies because you know that you have enough to cover you till you need them. A wrong notion to be quite honest because that also means you are not getting your money's worth.

I think there is an advantage in bulk buying because you and your family can share (though this can be a bit tricky especially if your siblings or family do not use the same brand!!).

The 'bugging' has stopped for now but I think I can be persuaded... most especially if my mom brings me inside the establishment. I swear I am such a fanatic now of supermarkets and homeware items. I have been transformed into being a gadget freak to a home freak (yes! cleaning items? COME TO MAMA!)

I will need to go through our budget and see if there is an excess... nuninuninu... excess? what excess???? :p